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The President's Message is emailed regularly to TLTA members.

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December 2019

As we navigate the final weeks of 2019, many of us are tackling end-of-year business and finding opportunities to share holiday joy with family, friends and colleagues. Before the year ends in a flurry of activity, I hope we’ll all invest a few minutes reflecting on our industry’s successes this year, so we are prepared to continue that success as we charge into the new decade ahead.

September 2019

As you may have heard, we’re preparing to gather with TLTA members across the state for a series of town-hall luncheons this fall.

I recently wrote an email to a friend communicating my eagerness to go on the road and see and talk to TLTA members statewide. I explained that asking our members what TLTA can do for them is a great way to get people talking, generate ideas and make new connections.

July 2019

After TLTA’s annual conference last month, former legislator and long-time industry advocate Allen Place and I discussed the importance of celebrating the large team of professionals who fought hard to advance our legislative and regulatory achievements this year.

May 2019

As I enter my final weeks of service as TLTA’s president and prepare to hand over the gavel to our distinguished colleague, Mike Savas, I find myself thinking about the power of perspective.

Without a doubt I have grown through a transformed perspective after a year deep inside the workings of our industry’s powerful association. I recognized the change earlier this week when I sketched out some preliminary ideas for TLTA’s Year in Review, which I have the honor of delivering at this year’s annual conference and business meeting.
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April 2019

TLTA’s State of the Association report was distributed in March, and I can’t stop thinking about something Leslie Midgley wrote in her introductory letter:  “I am most proud of the fact that we continue successfully navigating change together, as envisioned by the industry leaders who founded our association more than 100 years ago.”
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January 2019

The Texas Legislature is back in session, and I had the pleasure of joining our TLTA legislative team in Austin for the inauguration of Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Jan. 15. The Governor’s inaugural ball featured a crowd-rousing performance by George Strait, and when Shelly and I weren’t on the dance floor, we took advantage of opportunities to visit with elected officials, business owners, industry advocates and other leaders from the Texas Capitol community.
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