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The President's Message is emailed regularly to TLTA members.

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December 2017

I am honored to present the following update on our association. One of my goals this year was to re-institute the Town Hall meetings – and we did! The TLTA team that included Leslie Midgley, Aaron Day, Shea Place and me, hit the road starting in College Station in September and made our last meeting in Houston on Nov. 28.
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October 2017

The Texas Legislature’s special session that Gov. Abbott called on July 18 ran its course and concluded on Aug. 15. Through the dedicated efforts of our lobby team, volunteers and committee members who once again had to review and analyze the bills that were generated by this special session, not a single bill was filed that negatively affected our industry. However, 2019 will be here before we know it, and we will once again be knee-deep in the legislative process and defending the vital work that we do as title insurance professionals.
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August 2017

The Texas legislature is in its third week of the special session, and the TLTA Legislative Committee is hard at work reviewing all the bills that have been filed. During this session, we don't expect any issues to arise that will negatively affect our industry, but our lobby team and committee volunteers are working diligently to protect our interests.
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June 2017

As I begin my year as the 103rd president of the Texas Land Title Association, I am honored to be following in the footsteps of so many wonderful and talented leaders in our industry. I want to again thank James Dudley for an incredible year of leadership and hard work, and to recognize our own talented and dedicated TLTA staff. The time and effort Leslie and Aaron spent implementing the plans and strategies developed with the lobby team and Board of Directors goes above and beyond any prior issues I have seen in my 33 years in the industry. The same recognition goes to all the board members, committee chairs and committee members who voluntarily gave their time and talent to our association. There were many issues facing our association and everyone stepped up to the plate and contributed.
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May 2017

Now that the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature is over and TLTA has emerged victorious against the forces that wanted to change our safe and stable industry, I want to send a special thanks to all of our members who worked so hard to make sure that legislation threatening our work and our customers didn't pass. We owe you quite a few thank-yous! Whether you testified against HB 4239, made a PAC contribution, met with your legislator, contacted your legislator during session, attended Day at the Capitol, served on our Legislative Committee or simply spread the truth about the title insurance industry, TLTA thanks you for your dedication and support. In addition, our tireless legislative team deserves a special thanks for their incredible work over not just the last few months, but the year and a half spent preparing for this session!
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April 2017

As you know, this legislative session has been an incredibly busy and challenging one so far, especially as it relates to our industry.

We are continuing to work to defeat legislation that could upend our safe, stable Texas system. The House Committee on Insurance may have a hearing on HB 4239 – the bill by Sen. Muñoz on reregulation – in the next couple of weeks. This bill would create a file-and-use/flexible band rating system, and TLTA is strongly opposed to it. If this bill gets a hearing, I plan to be there, and if you're a constituent of a House Committee on Insurance or House Committee on Calendars member, we need your presence, too. You can contact Mark Shilling, the TLTA grassroots coordinator, for more details and to confirm your participation.
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February 2017

I hope your 2017 is off to a great start. Now that the Texas Legislature is in session, we have a lot of work to do. We are actively engaged in fighting SB 372, which was filed back in December, and we expect more legislation with similar goals to be filed soon. If passed, SB 372 would not just severely alter the way our industry operates – it would also severely alter our customers' access to title insurance.
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