President's Message

The President's Message is emailed regularly to TLTA members.

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September 2015

My name is Patti Bonner and I am so honored to be your TLTA President this year.
As you know, our industry stands on the brink of uncharted territory with the upcoming October 3rd CFPB implementations, and I could not be more proud of the work that TLTA has done to prepare Texas title agents for the new era of TRID. Over the last 18 months, TLTA has carried out a multipronged implementation strategy to get everyone up to speed and prepared to comply with this massive new regulatory change.

May 2015

I am excited about the upcoming TLTA Conference & Business Meeting and hope you are planning to attend. From expert speakers and panelists to hands on demonstrations of new TRID software to fun events like the Bert Massey Classic Golf Tournament  and President’ Dinner & Dance, we have something for everyone at Conference this year. I decided to do a video this year to tell your more about the Conference, I hope you enjoy it.

April 2015

TRID Education Works Both Ways - Most of us in the title industry have been preparing for months for the launch of the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures, aka TRID, and more specifically the Closing Disclosure or CD. At my firm, and no doubt many around the state, we have spent a great deal of time and money educating ourselves on what will be involved with the new CD, who will be involved in preparing it, how it will change the closing process, etc. One critical point that might be lost during all this education and preparation is that the title industry has an obligation to educate not only ourselves but, just as importantly, our business partners, customers and even vendors about these changes. Our relationships with our business partners can best be described as symbiotic - we depend on them to be successful as much as they depend on us.