President's Message

The President's Message is emailed regularly to TLTA members.

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December 2007  

The holidays are upon us once again and the hustle and bustle of the season presents many special activities and increased demands on our time. At TLTA things are definitely in high gear as we prepare for the January kick-off of TLTA's 2008 Centennial celebration and the upcoming Rate Hearing in March.
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November 2007

As president of the Texas Land Title Association, it is my distinct honor to extend a personal invitation to you to join us for our Centennial Kick-off Weekend festivities in Austin on January 25-26. As you've probably heard, TLTA turns 100 in 2008, and we've planned a great series of events to start off our celebration in style. Read more about each of these events below and click on the links to register today - space is limited. I hope you'll plan to be part of this exciting weekend!
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October 2007

The recent issues surrounding P-24 illustrate why TLTA is so important to each of us working in the title industry. One of the primary benefits of being a member of this association is that we provide a forum for each and every member to give their input and participate in the process. That is exactly what has occurred over the past few months as we've considered the P-24 issue.
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August 2007

The recent slowdown in the housing market has had a marked effect on the title industry, not only in Texas but nationwide. I've heard from many of our members in the past few weeks, and I know orders are down and anxiety is up. At the same time we continue to face attacks from the media and others who question the very existence of our industry. You may be asking, what's a title professional to do in the midst of all the gloom and doom?
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July 2007

I had the opportunity to meet with the 2007-08 board of directors and committee chairs during the TLTA summer meeting that was held a few weeks ago. One of the major things we talked about during the meeting was our work plan for the upcoming year. As I started making a list of the items that we will be working on this year, my first thought was, we'd better get busy! 
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June 2007

I would like to thank the Board of Directors and the membership of TLTA for the opportunity to serve as president of this outstanding organization for the 2007-2008 term.
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May 2007

It's hard to believe that this year as President has almost come to a close. It's been a busy and productive year for TLTA and I'm proud of what we've accomplished together. One of the major initiatives I set out to work on this year was to reach out to the industries and agencies related to the title business to talk about our common problems and increase our knowledge of each other's unique issues and concerns. Through our Related Industries Task Force we did so, and have continued to make real progress towards establishing a new approach for TLTA.
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April 2007

One of the questions I hear from members when they are renewing their membership is; What has TLTA done for me lately? I'd like to take a moment to talk about the things we've done for you recently, and why your TLTA membership is so important for you, your business and your profession.
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March 2007

As you know, last July the TLTA Board of Directors voted to provide grant money for a pilot program that would promote ongoing, regular courthouse maintenance as part of a partnership with the Texas Historical Commission (THC) and their Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. The program is the first public/private partnership of its kind in the country.
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February 2007 

Legislative issues are high on the list of TLTA priorities right now as the 80th Texas Legislative session heats up and bills begin to work their way through the House and Senate. There are three major issues topping the list for TLTA – mortgage fraud, privacy issues and appraisal reform. There are also a number of general industry related bills, but I want to talk primarily about the first three items.
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January 2007

Several holidays and the recent ice storm conspired to make the month of January a short one for everyone. It just means that things are more hectic than usual as we prepare for a full schedule of TLTA programs and events over the next few months.
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