President's Message

The President's Message is emailed regularly to TLTA members.

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December 2005

Time flies when you're having fun! That's what I've always heard, but I've never believed it more than this year. And I am not alone.So many friends in the title business have expressed the same amazement at the speed of this year. 2005 has indeedflashed by, but I've sure had a lot of fun.
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October 2005

As President of TLTA, I attended the ALTA Convention two weeks ago in New York City.It was a thrill to be in NYC, as always, and special for me because it was my first time back in the city since 9-11. Leslie Midgley, our Executive Vice President of TLTA, also attended on behalf of TLTA. Probably the most important event for us was the special meeting held for all state association leaders and staff. While I knew some of the leaders from surrounding states, it was very nice to meet others from all over the US and share experiences and concerns. While the differences in laws and the way the title business is done in other states is often dramatically different than how we function here in Texas, the current challenges expressed were often very similar.
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September 2005

This month we kick-off TLTA's Individual Membership Campaign for 2005-2006 and announce an incredible opportunity for Individual Members to have a chance to win a 42” Plasma TV.
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August 2005

On July 28, I attended a meeting on RESPA reform held by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at their office in Washington DC. This meeting was the second of four to be held in DC.TLTA was invited to this meeting because of our high profile response and lobbying effort against the 2002 HUD RESPA reform proposal. Only two persons were allowed in the meeting room for each invitee and Jim Hyland, TLTA’s DC lobbyist accompanied me as TLTA’s other representative. Fifty-four other participants attended the meeting representing a broad cross section of participants in a residential loan transaction as well as consumer groups, all with diverse views.
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July 2005

I wrote last month about changing our strategies and attitudes towards the title industry in pursuit of Defining Our Destiny. Additionally, we must effectively implement ways to mobilize the industry to action. One such way is to create a “culture of expectations” within our industry.
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June 2005

I am very proud to be given the opportunity to serve as your President and thankful for your trust and confidence in me. I have had the privilege and benefit of knowing and working with many of the preceding presidents and I will do my very best to uphold their legacy of insightful and impartial leadership.
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May 2005

As my year as President draws to a close, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the membership of TLTA for allowing me to serve this association. As your President I’ve had the opportunity to observe first-hand the energy, expertise and ability of an incredible group of volunteers and support staff.
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April 2005

This month’s message could easily be titled “Get Involved.” I want to urge you to commit a portion of your time and expertise to the Texas Land Title Association. We need your help and involvement now more than ever, and there are many ways you can contribute.
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March 2005

I know some of you were able to enjoy Spring Break this month, but here in the Hub City it was hard to think of spring with 3 inches of snow on the ground. There hasn't been much of a break in Austin, with the Legislature in session our lobby team is spending most of their time at the Capitol tracking key bills and moving our legislative agenda forward.
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February 2005

With the Legislative session in full swing, there's a lot on the agenda for TLTA this month. Our legislative/lobby team is spending most of their time at the Capitol and in meetings, and we're working behind the scenes to increase our visibility on issues that directly affect our industry. We need your help in order to make the most decisive impact we can on proposed legislation.
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January 2005 Special President's Message P-53 Update

As you know, TLTA submitted proposed revisions to Procedural Rule P-53 during the recent TDI Rule Hearing.Several other proposed amendments to P-53 were submitted by other parties including the Title Professionals Association, Texas Association of Realtors and Texas Association of Builders.While there were many similarities in these revisions, there were still differences that needed to be worked out. In early January, a meeting was held by the interested parties in an attempt to draft a revision that would address most of the concerns and be acceptable to everyone concerned.
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January 2005

I hope all of you had a chance to rest and relax with family and friends during the holidays. The New Year provides a great opportunity to mark our progress on major issues and redouble our efforts in the coming year.
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