President's Message

The President's Message is emailed regularly to TLTA members.

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 November 2002

Thanksgiving is once again upon us . . . a special time to spend with friends and family as we enjoy the abundance of this great land. In this spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to extend my appreciation to each and every on of you for your involvement in and support of TLTA. We could not be successful without you!
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October 2002

Although it has only been a few weeks since my last President's message, there are several recent developments within TLTA that I wanted to report. First, our annual audit has been completed with outstanding results. We have decreased overall expenses 21% from last year, and we continue to target specific areas of the budget for further reduction. I realize the recent decision to decrease title insurance rates by 6% has resulted in many of you taking steps to reduce your business expenses. We want you to know we're reducing expenses right along with you during these challenging times. We will also be preparing an annual report in the next few months in order for you to get a clearer picture of where your dues dollars are spent. I can assure you, it is a priority of the TLTA leadership and staff to make sure every dollar of your dues is spent wisely on member services and benefits.
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September 2002

The first cool front to make its way to North Texas is always an indication that fall has officially arrived. The change in season is a welcome relief from the summer heat, even though it also means my schedule, both at home and at work, gets much more hectic. The TLTA fall calendar is also getting crowded as we kick off the year with two Regional Seminars, a new policy seminar, an October Board meeting, and a multitude of committee and task force meetings.
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August 2002

As I mentioned in my July message, I want to take a few moments each month to update you on the major issues and initiatives TLTA is working on. Someone once said things tend to slow down during the "lazy days" of summer, but Idon't think they were working in our industry! The same is true at the TLTA office in Austin. Here's a sampling of some of the projects our board of directors, committees and staff are working on.
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July 2002

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who attended this year's TLTA Annual Conference that was held in San Antonio. From the comments I have received the conference was a resounding success! We listened to your requests to create a new format for the conference by offering educational sessions and scheduling more member oriented events such as the Town Hall Meeting and PAC Silent Auction.
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