Important TDI Compliance Update

Watch Your Mail for New TDI Licenses Coming Soon!
Note: Title Agent and Escrow Officers License Numbers Will Change

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is in the process of converting to an electronic system of managing agent and escrow officer licensing. As part of this process, all title agents will be issued a new license that will include a new company ID and license number.

This new license will be mailed by TDI to all title agents within the next week, so please watch your mail.

It is important to note that this new license will also include new license numbers for all escrow officers. Escrow officers will not receive any separate license information by mail, so title agents need to be sure to provide escrow officers with their new license number information.

Helpful Resources & Links
Information Regarding All New Forms
Please read these forms closely as they have changed with the conversion and new rule implementation.
View >>

Updated Title Agent/Escrow Officer Listings
Here's how to download a current Excel listing of licensed Title Agents or Escrow Officers that includes the new FIRM ID for title agents and the new INDV ID for Escrow Officers:
Follow this link
Select the + sign next to Title Agents/Escrow Officers
Download the desired listing

For Providers of Continuing Education Only: See New Provider & Course Application Packets:
FINT07 - Title Continuing Education Provider Application Packet
FINT06 - Title Continuing Education Course Application Packet

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