September 2019

New TDI Rules for All Texas Licensed Escrow Officers and Title Agents 

License Renewal Grace Period Is Ending – Be Prepared


Background and Overview 

In December TDI Commissioner Sullivan adopted new title licensing rules to implement statutory changes recently made by the Texas Legislature. The changes officially went into effect March 7, 2019; however, TDI implemented a six-month grace period before any license renewals were due. Renewals will begin this fall and will be staggered over the coming year based on the escrow officer's birth month.
The changes streamlined the licensing and renewal process by simplifying forms and by moving the renewal and continuing education process online (the online platform is If you have any questions, you can contact TDI at or 512.676.6500.
What You Need to Know – Some Key Highlights of the Changes
Escrow Officers:
  • Escrow officers are no longer licensed through their employer/title agent. Escrow officers must, however, have an appointment from a title agent to use their license.
  • Escrow officers hold their own individual licenses and have their own individual license number and expiration/renewal date. 
  • Escrow officers were issued a new license number and new expiration/renewal date in March 2019. This new information was sent to escrow officers at the email address TDI had on file.
  • Escrow officer expiration dates are on the last day of the escrow officer's birth month. A renewal reminder will be sent 90 days in advance of the renewal deadline.
  • Escrow officers are responsible for renewing their own license and for ensuring that their continuing education requirements are met. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you do not complete your continuing education requirements or timely renew your license, your license will be automatically cancelled. You will not receive notification from TDI that your license has been cancelled, so it is important that you timely renew to not jeopardize the status of your license.
  • NEW: Continuing education requirements now include two hours of Ethics out of the 10 total hours required every two years.
  • Read below "What You Need to Do" for more important information and specifics about what you need to do to prepare for these changes.
Title Agents:
  • Escrow officer licenses no longer renew with your agent license. 
  • Title agents will continue to be responsible for the escrow officer bond or deposit.
  • Read below "What You Need to Do" for more information and specifics about what you need to do to prepare for these changes.
What You Need to Do – Preparing for the Changes
Escrow Officers:
  • TDI converted all escrow officer licenses to the new individual license format in mid-March 2019.
  • All licensed escrow officers should have received a new license that included the new license number and renewal date, along with important information about these changes.
  • Watch your mail/email for notification of your renewal deadline. You will receive one notification 90 days in advance. You can obtain an upgraded subscription to Sircon ($15.99) to get reminders 90, 60 and 30 days in advance.
  • You can renew online and check your continuing education records on the Sircon website. Only CE recorded after March 7 will be shown. For CE earned before March 7 but after your last renewal date, please submit that directly to TDI. See TLTA's previous compliance update with more detailed instructions.
  • Correspondence from TDI is sent directly to the escrow officer at either your mailing address or email address. Always be sure that TDI has updated contact information for you. Use the Escrow Officer Name or Address Change Request (FINT01) Form for updates.
  • Get more information about managing your license on TDI's website.
Title Agents:
  • Set up a monthly tickler system to ensure that all your appointed escrow officers have renewed their licenses.
  • You are responsible for maintaining an escrow officer bond or deposit for all who are appointed by you, so be sure to keep that current. 
  • When your title agent license comes up for renewal, you will simply renew the agent license without having to renew all your escrow officer licenses.
  • Any escrow officers currently licensed through you will now have you listed as their title agent appointment.

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