CE On Demand Videos/Webinars

These programs can be purchased and viewed anytime that's convenient for you. Indicated hours are for Escrow credit, however, MCLE credit is also available for many of our programs. Click the title of the program to view more details about the program and the continuing education credit offered.

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Ethics On-Demand

Program TitleTopicEscrow CE HoursDate RecordedEnd Date
Ethics - Game On! (On Demand)Escrow Ethics1.004/8/20224/8/2024ETHGO22OD
Claims and Ethical Issues (On Demand)Escrow Ethics1.0010/31/202210/31/2024OMP8CE22OD
Ethics - Snitches Don't Get Stitches (On Demand)Escrow Ethics1.008/14/20197/9/2023STITCH19OD
Ethics: Walking the Tight Rope of NeutralityEscrow Ethics1.008/3/20227/6/2024WTRNEO22OD

Pre-Recorded Events On-Demand

These videos are recordings from TLTA live events and are viewable at any time. 
Program TitleTopicEscrow CE HoursDate RecordedEnd Date
2022 Title Insurance and Doc Prep (On Demand)Various7.001/3/202312/15/20242022TIDPOD
2022 Texas Land Title Institute (On Demand)Various10.001/3/20231/3/20252022TLTIOD
2021 Title Insurance and Doc Prep (On Demand)Various6.5012/13/202112/7/2023DOC21OD
2021 Texas Land Title Institute (On Demand)Various10.0012/13/202112/5/2023INST21OD
Top 10 Foreclosure and Bankruptcy TrapsBankruptcy1.006/24/20206/24/2024BANK20
Managing A Great Title Agency in Not-So-Great TimesManagement1.006/24/20206/24/2024GREAT20
Owning and Managing a Texas Title Agency OD (Updated 2022)Professional Training Program8.005/7/20194/28/2025OWNING19OD

Title 101 On Demand

Recorded in October 2022.
Program TitleTopicEscrow CE HoursDate RecordedEnd Date
Title 101 P11: Policy Production, Quality Control ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T1011123OD
Title 101 Part 1: Basics of Title Insurance ODTitle 1011.0011/3/202211/3/2024T101P123OD
Title 101 Part 10: Endorsements ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T1011023OD
Title 101 Part 2: Basics of Land Ownership ODTitle 1011.0011/3/202211/3/2024T101P223OD
Title 101 Part 3: Conveyances and Liens ODTitle 1011.0011/3/202211/3/2024T101P323OD
Title 101 Part 4: Understanding the Commitment ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T101P423OD
Title 101 Part 5: Surveys ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T101P523OD
Title 101 Part 6: TREC Contract ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T101P623OD
Title 101 Part 7: Basic Concepts of Money ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T101P723OD
Title 101 Part 8: Preparing to Close ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T101P823OD
Title 101 Part 9: Preparing To Close, E-Notary and RON ODTitle 1011.0011/4/202211/4/2024T101P923OD

Webinars On-Demand 

These pre-recorded webinars are available for viewing at any time.
Program TitleTopicEscrow CE HoursDate RecordedEnd Date
ALTA Best Practices (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.005/19/20235/12/2025ALTABP23OD
Rates, Rules and Document Retention (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.004/26/20234/14/2025RRDR23OD
A Review of Recent Cases with the Judiciary Committee (OD)Escrow Procedures1.004/20/20233/31/2025ARRCJC23OD
The Top Title Sales & Marketing Myths…Busted (OD)Customer Service and Marketing0.003/23/20233/23/2025TTTSMM23OD
"Seller" Title Fraud; Options to Detect and Prevent (OD)Escrow Procedures1.003/10/20233/3/2025STFODP23OD
Completing the T-S1, T-S5, T-G.1, & Wind-Down Plan (OD)Escrow Procedures1.002/16/20231/26/2025CTTSTSTGOD
TREC Contract Changes (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.002/15/20232/2/2025TRECCC23OD
Trial Balances, Dormant Funds and Escheating (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.001/11/20231/5/2025TBDFE23OD
(Don’t Break These) Chains of Title Love (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.0011/18/202211/18/2024DBTCTL22OD
Bankruptcy Basics (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.0010/31/202210/31/2024BBTB22OD
Claims and Ethical Issues (On Demand)Escrow Ethics1.0010/31/202210/31/2024OMP8CE22OD
Running a Tight Ship in Choppy Seas (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.0010/20/202210/20/2024RTSICS22OD
FIRPTA for Escrow Officers (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.009/23/20229/14/2024FIRPTAFEOD
Evolving Cybersecurity – How to Protect Your... (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.008/18/20227/8/2024EVCPCC22OD
Ethics: Walking the Tight Rope of NeutralityEscrow Ethics1.008/3/20227/6/2024WTRNEO22OD
Texas Real Estate Market Forecast: What's Ahead? (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.007/5/20227/5/2024TREMFA22OD
Industry Hot Topics 2022: Tips and Guidance... (On Demand)Escrow Procedures1.005/12/20225/12/2024IHTTAG22OD
Ethics - Game On! (On Demand)Escrow Ethics1.004/8/20224/8/2024ETHGO22OD
City Mouse or Country Mouse? Condo and Farm Cont (On Demand)Condominiums1.003/24/20222/23/2024CMCMCF22OD
Manufactured Housing Basics (On Demand)MHUs1.003/3/20222/23/2024MHU22OD
Residential Endorsements (On Demand)Residential Endorsements1.002/23/20221/4/2024RES21OD
Pay You, Pay Me - The T-00, That's the Way... (On Demand)T-001.002/9/202212/1/2023T0021OD
Tricky Tax Situations (On Demand)Taxes1.001/18/202210/26/2023TRICK21OD
Mechanic's Liens in Texas: Escrow and Title... (On Demand)Liens1.001/13/202212/17/2023MEC21OD
Home Equity Loans and Reverse Mortgages in Texas (On Demand)Home Equity/Reverse Mortgage1.001/11/202212/20/2023MORT21OD
1099-S Reporting (On Demand)Compliance1.001/6/202212/17/2023109921OD
TDI and Total Compliance (On Demand)Compliance1.0012/15/202112/1/2023TOTAL21OD
How to Review a TREC One to Four Family Contract (On Demand)TREC Contracts1.0012/14/202112/1/2023FOUR21OD
2021 TLTA Judiciary Committee Update (On Demand)Judiciary Issues1.0011/23/202111/8/2023JUD21OD
1031 Exchanges - Part 2 (On Demand)1031 Exchange1.0010/28/202110/21/20231031P2OD
1031 Exchanges - Part 1 (On Demand)1031 Exchange1.0010/21/202110/8/20231031EXOD
Real Estate Statutes You Should Know About (On Demand)Real Estate Statutes1.009/23/20219/8/2023REAL21OD
2021 Texas Legislative Wrap-Up: New Laws and Near Misses ODLegislative1.008/26/20218/20/2023LEG21OD
I Will Survive - My Accounting Will Jive! (On Demand)Accounting1.008/19/20218/2/2023JIVE21OD
TDI Experience Reporting - Industry Financial Reporting (OD)Compliance1.007/29/20217/14/2023REPORT21OD
Digging Deeper into Deceased Owner Issues (On Demand)Probate1.507/28/20217/13/2023DIG21OD
A Review of Surveys - Point of Beginning and Back Again (OD)Surveys1.507/15/20217/2/2023POINT21OD
Commercial Endorsements for Title Policies (On Demand)Commercial Endorsements1.006/11/20215/21/2025COMM21OD
Sign, Cosign or No-Sign Requirements (On Demand)Conveyance Documents1.005/13/20215/4/2025SIGN21OD
Closing In and Out of Entities (On Demand)Entities1.004/27/20213/25/2025ENTITY21OD
Lenders, Loans and Instructions (On Demand)Escrow/Policy1.003/16/20213/9/2025LOAN21OD
Master Closing Instructions (On Demand)Escrow Issues1.002/24/20211/27/2025MASTER21OD
Time to Re-Ink the Stamp - A Review of Notary... (OD)Notary Procedures1.0012/21/202012/10/2024INK20OD
Basics of Preparing the Commitment (On Demand)Commitments1.0011/20/202010/29/2024PREP20OD
Word Up! Language Detectives (On Demand)Title Terminology1.0011/17/202010/30/2024WORD20OD
Minor Problems, Major Issues (On Demand)Minors1.009/24/20208/29/2024MINOR20OD
Solving the Title Problem (On Demand)Escrow Issues1.004/22/20203/23/2024PROB20OD
Dealing With Objections in the Commercial Transaction (OD)Commercial Objections1.001/27/20201/10/2024COMOB20OD
Texas Real Estate Taxes (On Demand)Taxes1.001/16/20201/10/2024TAXES20OD
Manufactured Housing (On Demand)MHUs1.001/10/202011/13/2023MHU19OD
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