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Texas Transfer On Death Deeds

Recorded April 27 2018.



What’s a TODD and what do you do with it? Since Sept. 1, 2015, Texas real property owners have had a way to transfer property to their heirs outside the probate process using a Transfer on Death Deed (“TODD”).  A TODD allows the property owner to name a primary and contingent beneficiary who will inherit the real property after the property owner dies. Because Texas title insurance professionals will be asked to insure properties that have a TODD in the chain of title, a basic understanding of the Texas TODD is important.

Property conveyed via a TODD:

  • does not pass into the decedent’s estate;
  • is not subject to the terms of the decedent’s will; and
  • is not subject to the laws of descent and distribution. 

 This webinar will educate both title and escrow professionals about TODDs.  Attendees will learn:

      • How a TODD is created.
      • The effect on title of a TODD once it has been recorded in the real property records.
      • How to insure a property that has a TODD in the chain of title.

Presenter: Lisa M. Beville, CTIP, CPA, Vice President/Agency Support Services, Regional Training Coordinator, Fidelity National Title Group

CE Credit:

1.5 Escrow Credit (expires 4/26/20) Review TLTA's new reporting procedures for escrow officer CE credit
1.5 MCLE Credit (expires 3/31/19)


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For those new to the topic and/or the title industry. May include basic concepts, definitions, industry history and/or general information.

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4/27/2018 - 4/26/2020
Online Webinar, On-demand
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