2021 TLTA Judiciary Committee Update (On Demand)

Record date November 23, 2021

The goal of this course is to educate the TLTA membership on the role of the Judiciary Committee and explain the recent cases the Committee has reviewed and participated in by submitting amicus briefs.  Upon completion of the course, the attendees should gain a better understanding of the Committee’s role within TLTA, as well as the facts and outcomes of significant cases affecting Texas real property. In particular, the course will cover the following court cases and explain their impact on the Texas title insurance industry:

1. Teal Trading & Dev., LP v. Champee Springs Ranches Prop. Owners Ass’n, 593 S.W.3d 324 (Tex. Jan. 31, 2020)

2. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Zepeda, 601 S.W.3d 763 (Tex. April 24, 2020)

3. Chicago Title Ins. Co. v. Cochran Investments, Inc., 602 S.W.3d 895 (Tex. June 19, 2020)

4. Concho Resources, Inc. v. Ellison, 627 S.W.3d 226 (Tex, Apr. 16, 2021)

5. Broadway Nat’l Bank v. Yates Energy Corp., No. 19-0334, 2021 WL 1940042 (Tex. May 14, 2021)

6. Fugedi v. United Rentals (North America) Inc., No. 3:19-CV-00249, WL 1220032 (S.D. Tex. March 31, 2021)

Presenter: Leslie S. Johnson, WFG National Title Insurance Company

Member $40
Nonmember $54

CE Credit:
1.0 Escrow Credit (expires 11/8/23)
1.0 MCLE Credit (expires 10/31/22)

For those with some experience on the topic and/or the title industry. May include real-world application and/or specific and detailed information.

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Member- $35.00
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Member- $35.00
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11/23/2021 10:30 AM - 11/8/2023 11:59 PM
Online Webinar, On demand

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