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Home Equity Loans and Reverse Mortgages

Recorded December 21, 2017.



This webinar will educate intermediate- and advanced-level escrow officers on the similarities and differences in the governing laws of Texas home equity loans and reverse mortgages. The presenters will define the terms of homestead, home equity and reverse mortgage, while viewers will learn more about the related endorsements (T-42, T-42.1 and T-43) and what an escrow officer’s requirements are to insure these governing laws are followed. The TDI procedural rules applicable to these endorsements will be covered as well. In addition, a brief overview of Section 50(a)(6), Article XVI, Texas Constitution and Section 50,(a)(7) will be given, along with an explanation of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures 735 and 736.


The following will be covered in this webinar: 

  • Definitions: Homestead, Home Equity and Reverse Mortgage
  • Home Equity Loan Requirements (Article 16, Section 50(a)(6)(A-Q)
  •  Reverse Mortgage Article (Article 16, Section 50, (a)(7) and (k) (-11)
  • Insurance Forms and Rules (T-42, T-42.1 and T-43)
  • Procedural Rules (P-44, P-47 and P-45)
  • Rate Rules (R-28.A and R-28.B)
  • Foreclosure (Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 735 and 736)

Presenter:Allison Mayo, CESP, CAEP, Capital Title

CE Credit:

1.0 Escrow Credit (expires 12/21/19)


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Nonmember: $54


For those with some experience on the topic and/or the title industry. May include real-world application and/or specific and detailed information
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Member- $35.00
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Member- $35.00
Nonmember- $49.00

12/21/2017 - 12/21/2019
Online Webinar, On-demand
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