Condo, Sweet Condo (On Demand)

Recorded , November 14, 2019.

Condominium communities come in many shapes and sizes.  So, what makes a condo a condo?  The goal of this intermediate level webinar for escrow officers and examiners is to familiarize attendees with common title exceptions/requirements when closing condominiums, and more:

  • How to read and interpret the condominium declaration to find out what kind of condominium you are working with
  • What the drawings on the back of the declaration mean, and how amendments to the declaration affect the overall community
  • How an HOA works in a condominium community, and the ways in which the HOA management affects each owner and their interest in general and limited common elements
  • Which documents do you need to insure unit sales in a condo project, and why we need them
  • Why parking and storage are insurable on some condo units but not others

Presenters: Mindy Hallford, CTIP Heritage Title Company of Austin, Inc. 


Member $40
Nonmember $54

CE Credit: 

1.0 Escrow Credit (expires 9/23/23)

For those with some experience on the topic and/or the title industry. May include real-world application and/or specific and detailed information

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Member- $35.00
Nonmember- $49.00


Member- $35.00
Nonmember- $49.00

11/14/2019 10:30 AM - 9/23/2023 11:59 PM
Online Webinar, On demand

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