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TLTA represents the Texas title industry in judiciary matters and monitors relevant court cases and attorney general requests.

Case Reviews

Court cases are reviewed annually at the Robert C. Sneed Texas Land Title Institute.

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Amicus Curiae Briefs Filed by TLTA

Case No. 19-0233 - TLTA letter filed 7.7.21; TLTA letter filed 12.31.20
Concho Resources, Inc. et al. v. Marsha Ellison, d/b/a Ellison Lease Operating

Case No. 19-0334 - TLTA letter filed 6.9.20
Broadway National Bank, Trustee of the Mary Francis Evers Trust, et al., v. Yates Energy Corporation, et al

Case No. 19-0712 - TLTA brief filed 11.12.19
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation v. Zepeda

Case No. 05-19-00562-CV (Fifth District Court of Appeals) - TLTA brief filed 10.7.19
Silver Star Title, LLC d/b/a Sendera Title v. Marquis Westlake Development, Inc.; CDavis Investments, Ltd.; Pinetrada Interests, Ltd.; Winglake Holdings, Ltd.; and Westlake Townhall, LLC

Case No. 19-0238. - TLTA letter filed 7.9.19
Cathay Bank v. Lyda Swinerton Builders, Inc.

Case No. 17-0736 - TLTA brief filed 5.10.19 | Supreme Court Opinion 1.31.20
Teal Trading & Development, LP v. Champee Springs Ranches Property Owners Association

Case No. 18-0676 - TLTA brief filed 9.24.18
Chicago Title Ins. Co. v. Cochran Investments, Inc.

Case No. 18-0456 - TLTA brief filed 7.30.18 - Petition for review denied 11.6.18
Mehan v. Babbel on appeal from the 7th Court of Appeals District at Amarillo, Texas

Case No. 17-0816 - TLTA brief filed 5.8.18 - Motion for rehearing denied 4.5.19
RayMax Management, L.P. v. SBC Tower Holdings LLC

Attorney General Opinions

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Industry-Related Opinions

Regarding the authority of a tax assessor-collector to transfer a taxing unit's tax liens and the scope of the transferred lien under the Texas Tax Code

GA-0915 | RQ-0916-GA | TLTA Letter
Whether a county clerk is required to permit a member of the public to copy records with a sheet fed scanner

Jurisdiction of the Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board over a property tax appraiser’s “uniform and equal” analysis

Whether Section 74.501 of the Property Code prohibits the Comptroller from making direct payments of unclaimed property proceeds to certain persons

Whether two bills that amend Section 36.121 of the Water Code, which relates to the rulemaking power of groundwater conservation districts, are in irreconcilable conflict

GA-0890 | RQ-0970-GA
Whether a local board of realtors is a “nonprofit community business organization” for purposes of Section 11.231 of the Tax Code

GA-0886 | RQ-0968-GA 
Whether chapter 603, Texas Government Code, is applicable to notaries public

GA-0881 | RQ-0960-GA
Proper method of calculating interest and penalties on the residence homestead of an elderly or disabled person whose property taxes have been deferred

GA-0787 | RQ-0857-GA
Whether a property tax lien lender may exercise a right of forced sale after a property owner who has filed a deferment of taxes attains the age of 65

GA-0780 | RQ-0843-GA
Application of constitutionality of Section 5.017(b) of the Texas Property Code with respect to restrictive covenants that were in existence and recorded in a county’s public records prior to the statute’s effective date