TRID- Six Months Later

Recorded April 19, 2016




Since TRID first started six months ago, it seems like all of us – real estate professionals, creditors and settlement agents – have been on a learning curve. But this webinar should help get you over your learning curve into smoother sailing!

The presenters will offer two unique perspectives on how compliance issues with TRID have evolved. They’ll also provide practical solutions for communication during the process and dealing with potential post-closing issues, as well as a bird’s-eye view of TRID’s effect on residential real estate transactions and the market at large. Their proactive tips for avoiding delays can help lead to smoother closings, happier creditors, happier customers and a much happier you!


This webinar covers:


    • How TRID changed creditors’ and settlement agents’ responsibilities and liability
    • The role of CFPB as enforcer versus regulator
    • Effects on residential transactions, including delay issues and origination cost increases
    • How TRID influences the secondary market from a creditor’s perspective
    • Setting proper expectations with real estate professionals, creditors, consumers and sellers
    • Practical solutions for verifying cash in order to close
    • Handling creditor disclosure issues
    • Balancing real estate agents’ requests for information with compliance
    • Protecting parties’ privacy
    • And much more!

    Presenters: Heidi E. Junge, Texas Underwriting Counsel Southwest Region, Stewart Title Guaranty Company  
      Autumn Cooke, Escrow Officer  Independence Title

CE Credit:

1.0 hour Escrow Credit (expires 4/19/2018)

Member Pricing: $35    Non-member Pricing: $49


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4/19/2016 - 4/19/2018
Webinar, On-Demand

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