Please Release Me

Recorded March 9, 2016


This course familiarizes title insurance professionals with the importance of obtaining releases of enforceable outstanding liens, and alternatively, what other options may be available when a release is not obtainable to ensure compliance with Procedural Rule P-11.  

Upon completion of the course, attendees should:

  • Have a general understanding of the importance of obtaining satisfactory release of outstanding liens.
  • Understand different types of liens (e.g. voluntary vs. involuntary).
  • Understand the distinction between exempt vs. non-exempt property and the effect on liens attaching to property.
  • Understand the difference between liens attaching to property vs. clouding title to property.
  • Have working knowledge of Procedural Rule P-11, the importance of complying with the rule, and when a release may not be necessary for compliance.
  • Understand the role of the statute of limitations in enforcement of liens and when a release may not be necessary.
  • Have a general understanding of the Release of Record of Lien on Homestead Property (Texas Property Code §52.0012), when it is or is not available, and the importance of strictly following the statutory requirements.
  • Understand the parameters and availability of the Texas Master Indemnity Agreement between certain underwriters.
  • Understand when a specific indemnity may be required.
  • Have a general understanding of other limited options when a release may otherwise be unavailable. 

Presenter: Fred Schraub, CTIP, Vice President and Underwriting Counsel, Alliant National

CE Credit:
1.0 hour Escrow Credit (expires 3/9/2018)

Member Pricing: $35    Non-member Pricing: $49

Note: TLTA recommends taking the Please Release Me Part 2 Webinar for more learning! 


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3/9/2016 - 3/9/2018
Webinar, On Demand

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