Cyber Crime Attacks: How To Prevent and Recover

Recorded August 9th



Cyber-criminal attacks are advancing faster than anyone can create defenses. It is not a matter of "if" you will be breached but when you will be breached, how you will detect and control the attack and how you will recover. The financial services industry, including title insurance, is one of the most attractive targets for attack. This webinar covers the growing trends in cyber-attacks, including ransomware and spear phishing, and discusses how title agents can best defend themselves against and recover from such attacks.


The topics include:

·        Design of effective backup systems in protecting recovery from ransomware attacks

·        Impact of zero-day virus and malware on defensive strategies

·        End-point security strategies

·        Compliance with applicable cyber security statutes

·        Employee security training and testing to defend against social engineering attacks, including spear phishing

·    And much more!

Presenters: David Tandy (expires 8/9/2018)

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8/9/2016 - 8/9/2018
Webinar, On-Demand

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